Presently Chrome Extension – Official Release

It’s been in beta since the beginning of this year, but today it’s official – we’re releasing the Presently Chrome Extension as a full-fledged Presently client. We released the first version in January, and since then our developers have been adding functionality and making tweaks to bring full functionality to the extension – so Presently users can enjoy a seamless integration of their corporate collaboration app within their Chrome browser. Now you can do almost everything you do on the native web app! In this version 0.1 you can:

  • Receive and post status updates instantly
  • Like/Unlike updates
  • Attach text
  • URL Shortening
  • Desktop Notifications
  • View older updates with continuous scrolling
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for added usability (Press shift+’?’ to get the whole list)

Download the extension now and see how easy it is to collaborate, communicate and stay connected in real-time with Presently Chrome, our newest addition to the family of Presently apps.

If you ever need to recover the Chrome extension (if it freezes upon coming back from a lost network connection, for example), follow these instructions:

  • Right click the Presently icon in Chrome
  • Click “Manage Extensions”
  • Find Presently
  • Click Disable and then Enable


What is Presently?

New to Presently? That’s ok – there’s a first time for everything. The Chrome Extension is just one of the many clients we have available for Presently. Presently is an award-winning “Twitter for the Enterprise” tool, designed to make internal collaboration, file-sharing, and communication easier for businesses. Fortune 500 companies, small dev shops and companies every size in between have been using Presently since 2008 for internal communication and collaboration!

We’ve got a free SaaS version to get you up and running painlessly and a super-secure and robust Behind-the-Firewall version for companies that need that added level of security. Signup for Presently today and you’ll find an array of tools available to you that help you stay connected with your company and co-workers, including clients for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, the web, Microsoft desktop, Mac OS and more. Use the links below to get started, or to contact us for a demo!