Intridea Client, DealPop Acquired by Tippr

Yesterday it was announced that one of our clients, DealPop, was acquired by Tippr. Tippr, a collective buying daily deals site founded in 2010 and known for their “accelerated deals” model acquired DealPop, a “neighborhood deals” startup from WhitePages Inc. Congratulations to the DealPop team on this great news and for all the hard work, innovation, and energy that was poured into this initiative.

Patti, Senior Project Manager at Intridea, was one of our team members who worked closely with the DealPop team to help bring their product to life:

Last year WhitePages started an initiative to form small teams of startups, and one of those teams was DealPop. They reached out to us at Intridea to help build their product quickly, and we got them to market in only three months.

It was an awesome initiative for a company of that size and age. The team felt really autonomous and close-knit but they still had a lot of support from WhitePages. Working with the team was very collaborative. It was such an engaging and exciting relationship.

Our team worked with DealPop on every aspect of the project, from the initial design brainstorming, to system architecture, to front and backend development. Our teams worked so well together that DealPop invited us out to celebrate their official launch. Patti and Chris, a Senior Partner at Intridea, jumped on the opportunity to meet the DealPop team, clink glasses and help them celebrate their success.

Intridea is the best dev/design service in the US. Thanks for all the great work on DealPop.

Kevin Nakao, COO of

We like to think that DealPop loved working with us as much as we loved working with them; yesterday Kevin Nakao, COO of came out to the Twitterverse that he happens to think we’re awesome. We’ll take it as a sign that the feelings are mutual!

Our relationship with DealPop is the kind of relationship we strive for with all of our clients: engaging, supportive, innovative and mutually beneficial. When we got word of their acquisition, our Presently stream (our enterprise communication application) was abuzz with excitement for the DealPop team.

So we’re wishing DealPop and Tippr good luck in their new relationship – a match that couldn’t be more perfect. Cheers to good deals all around!

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