The Tablet Frontier: MoDevTablet

Last April we sponsored the first MoDevUX event in Washington DC and helped facilitate some important conversations about user experience design and application development with hundreds of industry experts.

We had the opportunity to take the stage to share some of our insight gained from developing beautiful, modern mobile applications over the years. Our presentation garnered a lot of feedback and even landed us a story in InTheCapital, DC’s leading online news source for tech and startups.

We’re pleased to report MoDev is back in action this September with another mobile-themed conference, MoDevTablet; this round they will focus specifically on keeping pace in the tablet era.

We’re excited to sponsor MoDevTablet alongside giants like Adobe, BlackBerry and Microsoft. The conference offers more than 60 workshops and presentations over three days from September 13th-15th.

Once again, Jurgen Altziebler, our Managing Director of UX, and Anthony Nystrom, a Fellow at Intridea as well as our Director of Mobile and Emerging Technology, will take the stage. This time they’ll be presenting “Tablet as a Utility”, and will share case studies on developing tablet applications for real world, utilitarian cases where the functionality and design of the app has to enable someone to do their job more effectively. They will cover questions like:

  • How does the design of these apps differ from the design of novelty tablet applications?
  • What special cases do you need to take into consideration?
  • How to keep tablet in use without Wifi?
  • How to accommodate for working conditions like changes in light, differences in fingernails, and extended use?

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting event in DC next week! Registration is still open. Several Intrideans will be there along with Jurgen and Anthony, so it will be a great time to pick our brains about your design and development strategy. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates throughout the event.