NY Times Open Source Science Fair

Hello Manhattan! We’re thrilled to be taking part as an exhibitor at the NYTimes Open Source Science Fair this Thursday, Nov 15th.

The event will bring together over 150 talented developers poring over new, interesting open source projects and showing off their own work. In true charming, classic science fair style, each contributor will get a couple of minutes to talk about their projects and then man their booths to go more in-depth with attendees.

Intridea is proud to be one of ten lucky exhibitors at the event. Our very own Ted O’Meara will be taking the stage to showcase his smart-as-a-whip Green Onion. We’ll also be discussing other open source projects by fellow Intrideans, such as OmniAuth and Grape.

We hear there’ll be snazzy ribbons and prizes going around, but who’s competing? 🙂

If you’re attending the event this Thursday, please stop by and say hello – we’d love to meet you.

Be sure to follow our tweetstream for updates and tune in to the blog for a recap.

Nerd-a-thon, here we come!