Intridea Representing In The Steel City

On August 16 & 17th, you can catch me, Robert Dempsey, representing Intridea at the Steel City Ruby Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. I’ll have some swag with me as well as my Leap Motion, so be sure to find me to partake.

The conf has an awesome lineup of speakers includes Avdi Grimm, Jim Weirich, Carina C. Zona, Kerri Miller, and many more. Thankfully the conf is a single track so we don’t have to choose between talks – we get them all!

Attendees are also treated to a party Friday night, which looks like it might be off the hook as Saturday we get to sleep in 🙂

For those that might be wondering “what’s in Pittsburgh?”, have no fear – has you (and me) covered.

About Steel City Ruby

Inviting Rubyists from across the land to a two-day conference in the heart of the Steel City – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With an emphasis on learning and conversation, Steel City Ruby Conf is the ultimate community experience for Rubyists of all skill levels.

Learn more about Steel City Ruby Conf and the excellent lineup of speakers here. And when you’re there, be sure to say hello!