Coester: Valuation Management Services

Coester app

Did you hear? We recently launched a product for Coester! For starters, Coester is a full service end-to-end appraisal management company, providing excellent service with the best appraisal management technology in the industry.

Coester came to Mobomo looking to create native applications for iOS and Android. They were wanting the app to expand their appraisal management solution by offering their appraisal partners a mobile application to accept,track, and update their appraisals with CoesterVMS. The initial issues they were facing was lack of mobile support for their existing online appraisal management service. There was a clear need for native mobile platform integration to increase utilization and convenience of the partner appraisers in the field.

After our initial consultation, we hit the ground running, eager to create a solution! Our recommendation was to develop native mobile applications on both major platforms on both phone and tablet breakpoints. The need for an API became apparent due to needing to integrate applications with CoesterVMS’s existing system, which they had the capabilities and agreement to develop, alongside the Mobomo’s team application development. The strategy was to target what the key stages in the appraisal process management would be for the partner appraiser user and how a mobile platform could enhance that process, eventually becoming the user’s default chosen platform to engage with the service.

Teaming with the CoesterVMS API development team, a tiered development schedule, targeting specific components of the application, was mutually formulated and adopted in order to ensure that the API team was able to develop and provide the necessary support for the Mobomo development team.

Phase 1

The first phase was to establish the complex and specific information architecture and workflows for the appraisals as they moved through the system to the different user swimlanes. This included thorough requirements gathering, definition of project goals, and application architecture construction.

Phase 2

The second phase was to establish the end designs of the system and development to these designs in conjunction with the project requirements formerly defined.

Here are some quick steps to get started with the Coester App:

Once the user logs in, establishes account with CoesterVMS. Confirmation by email.

  1. User’s dashboard screen consists of 3 major tabs, organizing their appraisals in vertical lists of cards that include all necessary appraisal information and interactions:
    1. Current Orders (default) – screen list of user’s currently accepted and active appraisals with their various appraisal stages
    2. Order Exchange – list of appraisals openly available for user acceptance if needed/desired
    3. Unaccepted Orders – List of appraisals assigned by CoesterVMS to the current appraiser user that have yet to be accepted as intended, by the user
  2. User interacts with current appraisals on their various stages of the appraisal process.
    1. Visits appraisals scheduled for the day
    2. Schedules appraisals needing visit for a date and time available
  3. Accesses Unaccepted Orders to review and accept appraisals assigned by CoesterVMS.
  4. Browse Order Exchange list of appraisals for opportunities for additional work to the appraiser.
  5. Schedule appraisal visits and plan route using the calendar and map features provided in the application.
  6. Communicate as necessary with appraisal property owner to coordinate visit details.
  7. Follow up on any orders with alerts needing attention/interaction.

This was a unique project from start to finish, it is quite different because we developed the applications as modern technology for what is essentially a logistics service for the appraisal industry. The application targeted the assignment, status tracking, updating, and reporting of partner appraiser’s appraisals.

The final product that we launched will be used for CoesterVMS partner appraisers to accept, track, and update their appraisals from a native mobile platform. This will allow the users to engage with the system in real-time from the field.

Do you have a concept that you want to turn into a product? Get in touch, we love working on different challenges to create solutions!