Re-deux doesn’t love a shirt or a pair of pants from GAP? GAP has been an American staple for years, and I can personally say I love their quality of clothing. A few months ago I wrote a piece on my frustration with GAP’s website and trying to navigate around it..specifically the home page. So I did what any rational person would…and redesigned it.

As with any feedback I give, in regards to a web & app design, I strive to make sure that it’s constructive, not to be misconstrued as merely being malicious but rather helpful suggestions based off of my professional experiences. However in the case of my previous post I wasn’t able to complete my perceived vision of what could be in time and thus broke my rule. Below is my version of what could be, with a little run down of the decisions I made and why I made them.


  • More modern design, that focuses on the brand’s core message of “Clean and confident, comfortable and accessible, classic and modern.”
  • A layout that more easily adapts to the wide array of devices people use today
  • Removed elements, such as the Instagram feed, that had little bearing on the commerce portion of the site.



  • Reinforced the brand with the primary GAP blue
  • Made account access, favorites, and shopping bag feel like their own items
  • Took the free floating Find a Store, Credit Card, and Gift Card links and elevated them, along with giving them a permanent appropriate location



  • Uses of the main brand logo, which again reinforces the core message
  • Reduced the amount of nav items, as some that were currently there could be rolled into other items
  • Made search more accessible and easier to find



  • Created a single, clear message, with one singular call to action



  • Globally for the homepage sections I removed the boxes that constrained them, and better aligned everything to the grid(1140px wide/12 column). This opens the site up to feel more fluid, and elevates the cramped feeling of the site.

Hopefully if time permits I’ll have the chance to layout a product page, and take a stab at a mobile layout.

Just to be clear, this is in no way a sanctioned design by GAP, or an official Mobomo piece of work, but rather my take on what e-commerce and specifically what the GAP could be with a little web redesign effort. I’d love any thoughts or comments you guys have, so hit us up on twitter @MobomoApps or email us – we love feedback!