JustSeen: A Social Sharing Platform

JustSeen dashboard

Have you heard about the newest social platform? JustSeen is a social sharing platform that allows users to create photo and video albums of their most memorable moments and invite friends and family to contribute to those albums using an app for iOS devices. It’s visual storytelling… together!

JustSeen’s primary service is social engagement; it allows users to share photos and videos through interconnected albums and, in turn, tell stories to the world.  

JustSeen partnered with Mobomo to make design and technical improvements to its existing iOS application. These improvements focused around enhanced workflows, page-by-page redesigns, and added features. They were hoping to enhance the workflow and add unique features not seen in other social sharing applications to ensure a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We proposed a Ruby on Rails backend application to handle the architecture, roles, and indexing of the application. Mobomo proposed a native iOS application.

Phase 1 consisted of:

Some of the technical and UX improvements we implemented include:

  • Streamlined and informational sign up process
    • Sign up with existing social media accounts
    • Visual and text-based application tutorial
  • Camera, video and posting:
    • Users can share assets publicly and privately
    • Customized video / image filtration
  • Image Posting:
    • Add titles and descriptions to stories / albums
    • Add locations to image uploads
    • Invite friends to contribute to stories
  • Notifications:
    • Users receive engagement-based notifications
    • Selecting a notification directs users to the appropriate screen
  • Newsfeed:
    • Commenting on uploads
    • Prominent display of recently added uploads
    • Videos automatically play
  • Profile / Account
    • Users can invite friends to join the app via SMS / Email
    • Users can view administrative data (bio, image / album upload quantity, number of followers
    • Users can see list of suggested followers (i.e. Facebook friends using the application).

When a user logs into the application, they’ll be greeted by a visual tutorial outlining how to use specific features and workflows within the app. The icon-centric menu provides easy access to the newsfeed, search mechanism, camera, notifications, and profile sections.

Within the camera pages, a user can upload existing assets, or create new ones by allowing JustSeen to access their camera. Once a photo or video is selected, a user can create a new album, or add that asset to an existing album. Users can also add friends to contribute, add a comment, and / or share the location of the given asset.

What sets this product apart from other social sharing applications is that it empowers users to collectively contribute to the same story or album. Where other applications let users share rich stories with photos and videos, JustSeen let’s users create an immersive, inclusive experience by building rich visual experiences together, with friends.

Users benefit from this platform as they’re able to build relationships and be apart of a larger, more interconnected community – download it today and let us know what you think!