Drupal End Of Life Extension

The Drupal community has announced the official end of life date for Drupal 7, which is January 5, 2025. This comes after an extension was granted until at least November 1, 2023. With this final extension, the level of support provided by the Drupal Security Team will be adjusted. Some key take aways from Drupal’s announcement that may/will affect you include:

  • Starting from August 1, 2023, moderately critical and less critical issues affecting Drupal 7 may be publicly posted in the issue queue for resolution, as long as they are not mass-exploitable. This change does not affect Drupal 9 and above.
  • Unsupported Drupal 7 module branches will no longer be eligible for new maintainership after August 1, 2023. Community support for contributed modules will continue, but it is encouraged to proactively adopt these modules if they are relied upon.
  • Support for PHP versions lower than 5.6 will no longer be provided for Drupal 7, effective August 1, 2023. Security fixes for Windows-only issues will also cease for Drupal 7 sites running on Windows.
  • Drupal.org will stop creating Drupal 7 distribution packages with Drush make files from August 1, 2023. Local usage of drush make for distribution building is recommended instead.
  • The end of life for Drupal 7 means that the Drupal Security Team will no longer offer support or security advisories for Drupal 7 core and contributed modules. Public disclosure of security issues may occur, and Drupal.org will no longer support Drupal 7-related tasks.
  • Drupal 7-compatible releases will be flagged as unsupported, certain Drush functionality will cease, file archive packaging for Drupal 7 will be shut off, and external vulnerability scans will identify Drupal 7 as insecure.
  • It is recommended to migrate Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 10 before the end-of-life date.
  • The Drupal Association has introduced the Drupal 7 Certified Migration Partners program to assist Drupal 7 site owners in their migration process. Certified Migration Partners will be promoted on Drupal.org, and a migration resource library will be available for end users seeking assistance.

For more information about the Drupal 7 end of life and the Certified Migration Partners, visit the Drupal 7 End of Life | Drupal.org. For more information on Mobomo and our capability to lead you through the migration process, please our Blueprint Migration page on the Mobomo website.