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PockitShip is an on-demand pickup and delivery company that specializes in shipping large items. They utilize technology to facilitate orders via their website. PockitShip partnered with Mobomo in 2015 to launch their platform on iOS and Android applications. The purpose of the applications was to expand their reach and streamline the order process for mobile users.


What are
their services?

Pick Up & Delivery Services: PockitShip provides traditional moving services, as well as more unconventional shipping services like: pick up / delivery from retail stores, items purchased or sold via Craig’s List, and home-to-home delivery.

Same Location Moving: PockitShip provides in-home moves between floors or from one unit to another in the same building.

Haul Away: PockitShip will pick up items and deliver them to a landfill or donation center.

What We Made

Mobomo recommended a mobile first strategy - creating mobile applications on both major platforms (iOS and Android) for drivers and customers. To further increase engagement of PockitShip’s services, Mobomo worked closely with UX and development teams to deliver a sustainable, user-friendly workflow for both drivers and customers.

  • When a customer opens the application, they’ll find no account is necessary to begin using the application. Upon initial use of the application the customer will:

  • Be prompted to place an order or track an order. Upon order placement, the customer will be redirected a screen instructing them to fill out the respective ‘pick up’ / ‘delivery’ addresses, along with the desired date / time of service

  • Following logistical inputs, the customer will be directed to a page where they can note the items they’d like to ship.

  • PockitShip provides a list of over 150 pre-populated items, as well as the ability to enter custom items. This page allows the customer to include the quantity, images, and instructions for each item entered. Finally, the customer will be directed to the last two steps which request contact and payment information.

  • Once an order is complete, a customer is provided a tracking number, which they can use to inform themselves of the status of their pickup or delivery.

The result

After the launch of the project, we hope to move into a maintenance phase and continue making user experience and overall functional improvements to the application. Additionally, we hope to redesign the PockitShip website to mimic the workflow of the applications.

What makes this product unique is the accomplishment in bringing the traditional shipping service into a more interconnected arena, increasing the ease-of use and accessibility to the shipping industry.

This is an e-commerce solution for the shipping industry. The final product will be used for placing and tracking shipment (customers) and moving items (drivers).

pockitship app


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