Announcing ‘OpenlySociable Micro’ – an OpenSocial Widget Ruby Microframework


Here is an example of an OpenlySociable Micro app, which implements the ‘Friend List’ app from the OpenSocial documentation site:

require 'openly_sociable_micro'  OpenSocial.make_app :ListFriends  module ListFriends::Controllers   class Index < R '/'     def get       @title = "Friend List"       render :index     end   end end  module ListFriends::Views   def index     javascript :friends     div(:id => "message")   end end  OpenSocial.start_mongrel :ListFriends, :port => 3301, :root => "/"

Here the ‘javascript :friends’ refers to a friends.js widget-specific javascript file that lives in the same directory. OpenlySociable Micro uses the Builder XML library to wrap a view action’s results into an XML format served by Mongrel. This format is the Google Gadget format, which OpenSocial containers like Orkut and Ning recognize and display.

Getting Started:

  • Install the gem as described below
  • Read through the Camping mini-app
  • Write your first widget!


OpenlySociable Micro can be found here:

You can also install the gem by downloading it and running:

gem install openly_sociable_micro-0.0.1.gem

in your download path.

Plans to integrate OpenlySociable Micro into Rubyforge are underway. What is it?:

‘OpenlySociable Micro’ is a clean, simple and concise way of writing OpenSocial widgets. It uses the Camping microframework and Mongrel to allow developers to write self-contained widgets for OpenSocial-enabled websites with none of the overhead of a full-blown Rails application.