New Year’s Resolution: Run Better Races with BibRave

New Year resolutions are kicking into high gear! And like any resolution; strategy and commitment are essential. Keeping yourself on track, encouraged, and most importantly accountable are crucial pieces to attaining your goals.

In the realm of fitness, the online world is full of resources. From activity trackers and weight loss apps, to virtual trainers and coaches; there’s a tool for almost every stage!

One app, Intridea is particularly proud to introduce is,

Thanks to a few avid runners and Intridea, this site enables runners of all stages to inspire, inform, and encourage one another through live social media streams and race reviews.

Stemming from a less than stellar race experience, Tim and Jessica Murphy, saw a need to place better information at racers’ fingertips! Thus, after months of planning and research, and a partnership with Ruby on Rails experts, Intridea, BibRave was born!

Getting the inside scoop on a race has never been easier. BibRave equips runners with honest to goodness feedback and details on information they actually care about. From runner schwag and crowd atmosphere, to trail terrain and race organization, BibRave is more than just your ordinary race page, its a community.

Intridea had an awesome time bringing BibRave to life and would highly recommend it for your New Year’s resolution toolbelt!