Drupal GovCon 2023

Participation in Drupal GovCon is an annual tradition for Mobomo and as a long-standing sponsor, this year’s convention brought the opportunity to celebrate all things Drupal in person for the first time in a few years. While we’d like to say we stole the show, it’s pretty obvious if you have seen other Drupal GovCon posts on social media that #SammyTheEagle was the true star!

Mobomo’s CEO, Brian Lacey, COO, Jason Schulte,  SVP of Growth, Tom Downs, and Director of Engineering, Dan Narkiewicz, were Mobomo’s official representatives, and enjoyed the opportunity to interface with all of the attendees. Lacey noted “There was good turnout this year—especially on Day One; it was a pleasure to meet with talented devs seeking employment opportunities. The team also got to meet leaders in the federal technology sector and strengthen our professional relationships with other digital services providers who were attending as vendors.” Lacey also noted that sponsoring the event is always a great experience and is one of the ways that Mobomo demonstrates how important the passionate and dedicated all-volunteer planning team and the Drupal community are to our company.

Mobomo’s Senior Vice President of Growth, Tom Downs, thought the accommodations at the conference were cozy and conveniently located. Additionally, he stated that he was “impressed with the quality of the presentations delivered by industry up-and-comers. Those who didn’t come back for Day Two missed out on some great content. Day Two had the best speeches and discussions.” If you weren’t able to attend or missed a presentation that you were interested in attending, the wonderful Drupal GovCon team has made these speeches available to the general public: 2023 Presenters and Link to Presentations.

Figure 1: At the Mobomo booth handing out wireless phone chargers (from left to right): Jason Schulte, Chief Operating Officer; Brian Lacey, Chief Executive Officer; and Dan Narkiewicz, Director of Technology.

Everyone from Mobomo thought this was an amazing experience highlighting Drupal and its community. We can’t express how much we appreciate being a part of it, and again want to thank the team who put together Drupal GovCon 2023, the wonderful industry professionals and federal agency leaders who attended, and our fellow sponsors who helped make this event such a success.

More information regarding Drupal GovCon can be found on their site. For additional information about Mobomo, please visit our website, our drupal.org page, and/or reach out to us directly.