Mobomo Expands To Colorado


In 2009, we opened our doors in Washington, D.C. Since then, we’ve launched over 100 products, hired dozens of incredibly talented team members, and even acquired a company. It’s been an exciting, challenging, and “fully charged” seven years, to say the least. Now, more than halfway through 2016, we’re looking for our next ‘big move’.

We’re excited to announce we are officially opening our second remote office in the Boulder / Denver, Colorado area.

We’re thrilled about coming to Boulder for a number of reasons. Below are just a few:

Technology Hub:
Colorado – and Boulder in particular – is home to some of largest tech companies in the country. When we see companies like Arrow, Rally Software, and Ball Aerospace all headquartered in Colorado, we know we’ve found the right place.

Other tech giants have also carved out a small place of their own in Boulder. Google is building a 4-acre campus, IBM employs nearly 3,000 Boulderites, and Twitter is planning to expand their existing presence.

We love tech. And so does Boulder.

For starters, we love working with startups and the disruptive ideas and concepts they bring to the market. And since Boulder has more high-tech startups per capita than any other city in the country (not to mention a healthy venture-capitalist community), we knew we couldn’t sit idly by.

Boulder’s vibrant startup community exists outside of coworking spaces, too, with events like Boulder Startup Week, dozens of meetups, and (of course) Techstars.

In addition, the Colorado front range boasts a wealth of government agencies: the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Buckley Air Force Base, and the National Park Service, to name a few. We’re passionate about solving complex engineering problems for government agencies. And we knew wherever we expanded, we needed to be in the presence of these departments.

Within a 50-mile radius of Boulder are Colorado’s two largest universities: the University of Colorado and Colorado State University (not to mention the half dozen schools in the Denver metro area). In fact, CU-Boulder sits among the top five US universities in the number of alumi they’ve sent to space. And after all, we have a thing for NASA here at Mobomo.

Needless to say, there are some incredibly talented and well-educated folks in a relatively small density area. We’re always looking for awesome people to join our team. And we bet we’ll find some here.  

Explosive Growth: 
Simply put, the front range is booming. Colorado is one of the fastest growing states in the country. Hundreds of companies are starting – and maturing – here.

And it’s no wonder why. World-class skiing and hiking are in our backyards. Cutting edge technology companies are around the block.

If you are looking for a Boulder web design and development company, we’d love to connect; we are in the business of turning your ideas into reality. We’re excited what our move to Colorado will bring us. If you’d like to learn more, attend one of our Colorado meetups, and don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay up to date – who knows what’s next!